• Hand Picking Africa's Best

    We curate amazing coffees from around Africa, we then small-batch roast each variety in our old-world style barrel roaster.

  • Roast & Wait

    Once roasted, we allow each batch to degass. Waiting between two to three weeks, we will then taste test each batch.

  • Ship & Sip

    We then package and ship these unique coffees to your door.

    As you sip each coffee, you are truly able to enjoy and expeirence the best that Africa has to offer.

Be Immersed

Don't just drink coffee, immerse yourself in it. When you learn about a coffees origin, its growing altitude, its environment, it makes the experience that much richer and more flavorful. Each bag of coffee has a story, an origin, and a unique journey it has taken to your cup.

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Who We Are

Out of Africa Coffee is a small-batch specialty coffee roaster based in Springfield, MO. We offer a wide range of African coffees from across the continent. With over 50 years of combined coffee experience, we started our coffee roasting journey in 1999.

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